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In the aftermath of the Earthquakes that devastated Kathmandu a few years ago, a small group of experienced engineers in Australia aspired to collectively help re-build Nepal. They needed a brand and a website. 

ClientBridge Nepal

As a team of not-for-profit engineers, they wanted the site to tell a compelling, aspirational story. Most of their content was text, however we wanted to integrate the vision into the website.

We created a large scale illustrated mural, which animates with an interactive scroll feature. The mural was inspired by Nepal, with a focus on bridging the country together, the engineering a part of the natural landscape.

Taking inspiration from the earthy and blue tones of the Himalayan landscape and the vibrance of Kathmandu, we chose a palette of deep blue, warm oranges, clays and terracotta with a pop of turmeric yellow for the eclectic and unexpected chaos of the city. 

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